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Commercial Transactions


Commercial contracts are the basis of all business transactions, therefore an adequate advance planning is essential, in order to avoid any potential risks as much as possible.

Accordingly we assist our clients beginning with the stage of identifying the suitable business partners, by obtaining credit ratings as well as information from the competent courts of law, etc. By creating complex contractual mechanisms, depending on the contract type and the clients' demands, law suits which most often are time-consuming and costly can be avoided in most cases. The negotiation stage before actually concluding the contract is also of utmost importance, therefore an in depth knowledge of legal aspects, as well as the experience with various negotiation strategies and an increased adaptability to the given circumstances play an important role. After conclusion of the agreement we provide assistance for the optimal wind-up of the transaction.

We use our experience of many years to draw up the adequate set of contracts for our clients, whether typical agreements are needed, such as services and works contracts, sale-purchase as well as distribution agreements, rental agreements, management agreements, and also leasing, loan agreements and securities, but also when innovative contract concepts are necessary, in order to meet special demands of the clients.


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