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Liability for content




The information on this site is meant to be used only informatively. This information does not replace the legal and tax consultancy which we provide for our specific cases, based on a thorough analysis upon all the aspects involved. We cannot be held liable for the possible prejudices which might arise from using the information on our site. Furthermore, we are bided by our professional statute to verify before accepting a legal assistance contract whether there is a conflict of interests with other clients of our office or with attorneys at law who might already be involved in the same case. Should you desire collaboration with us as your attorneys, please contact us in order for us to establish the specific terms of our collaboration.


We reserve the right to modify, remove, bring up to date and complete the information, date and offers on our web site, at any time. The information offers or any other offers of any nature from our web site do not create for us any contractual obligations.




Protection of personal data




We draw your attention upon the fact that transferring data on the internet (by email or by completing the data on our applications) might be insecure. Unfortunately, complete and total security as to the interference of third parties in not possible. From the moment when we become your attorneys, we guarantee to treat confidentially the information you provide us with. Your personal data as well as any other data related to you shall not be used in publicity purposes.


By accessing our web site certain data regarding your access (date, time and viewed site) can be registered on our server. This data does not have a personal nature, as they do not bear the identity. This data is only used for statistical purposes. A transfer of data to third parties in commercial or non-commercial scopes does not take place.


We strive to present the information on our site in a correct manner and to bring them up-to date permanently. However, we are not responsible for the preciseness, completeness and present nature of the information on our site.




Liability for links




Our web site includes links to third parties’ web sites (“external links”). Upon their content however we do not have any influence. For this reason we cannot be held liable for any of their contents. For their content, the respective offerer or the operator of that web page shall be held liable. The sites for which we included links on our web site have been verified at the moment of their inclusion regarding the aspect of possible legal infringements. Such an infringement was not found at the moment of the inclusion on our web site. A permanent verification of their contents, without having indications regarding legal infringements, is not possible. Should we find, by any means, such legal infringements, we shall immediately remove the respective links.








Should it not be specified otherwise, this web site is the sole and exclusive property of Law Office Serban, having its headquarters in Timisoara, 5 Semenic str. The content of this web page cannot be multiplied, processed, transmitted, saved, published or communicated in any other manner. However, copies can be made for personal use as long as the scopes are non-commercial.



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